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iTunes Match

Is iTunes Match Right for You?


iTunes Match has been around for a while now, but it’s not for everyone. In a Macworld article, I look at whether iTunes Match is right for you, for the way you listen to music, and, more importantly, the way you access data. Read some other articles I’ve written about iTunes Match: iTunes Match Still […]

iTunes Match Still Kinda Sucks


Just saying… That’s the mono version of Miles Davis’ Milestones. Which is on the iTunes Store. I added all nine CDs from the Miles Davis: The Original Mono Recordings to my iTunes Match library, and, out of 70 tracks, 51 matched and 19 were uploaded. That’s a match rate of 73%. Sure, I’ve got some […]

iTunes Match and Mastered for iTunes: Which Tracks Do You Get When Matching CDs?


Apple touts its Mastered for iTunes tracks on the iTunes Store as “Music as the artist and sound engineer intended.” Mastered for iTunes tracks are therefore supposed to sound better than tracks you rip from CDs. The basic goal of Mastered for iTunes is to provide a direct downsampling of music from 24-bit, 96 kHz […]

A Year with iTunes Match


Apple introduced iTunes Match one year ago today. To mark the anniversary, I’ve written an article for Macworld, iTunes Match: One year in, where I discuss some of the problems with Apple’s cloud service, and offer some suggestions for improvement. I also joined Macworld’s Chris Breen and Dan Moren on this week’s Macworld podcast, to […]

New Poll: Do You Subscribe to iTunes Match?


As the iTunes Guy for Macworld, I get a lot of questions about iTunes Match. But it’s hard to know exactly how many people use the service, which one of my editors describes as “half-baked.” So I’ve set up a poll, over to the right, in the sidebar. Do you subscribe to iTunes Match? If […]