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iTunes Radio Plays the Same Songs Over and Over

I’ve used iTunes Radio off and on since its launch, and I’ve not yet been won over by its approach. It plays the same songs over and over, until I try to exclude them by telling iTunes to not play them any more; and this even for songs I like. Since you can only skip […]

iTunes Radio Adds More Talk Radio Stations

Apple has added some more talk radio stations to iTunes Radio. In addition to the recently added NPR News and Culture station, they have added ESPN News and Sports. There are also five other NPR stations that show up when you do a search when creating a new station: It seems likely that more NPR […]

Share Your iTunes Radio Stations

Now that I can listen to iTunes Radio ad-free on my main Mac, I’ll be using it more often. I have mixed feelings about iTunes Radio. One the one hand, it does let you listen to a good selection of music in a specific genre (or sub-genre), or related to a specific artist, album or […]

iTunes Radio Now Totally Ad-Free for iTunes Match Subscribers

When iTunes Radio was launched, one of its features was that iTunes Match subscribers wouldn’t hear ads. But this was only the case of your device had iTunes Match turned on. So if you had an iTunes Match subscription, but didn’t want iTunes Match turned on on a specific device or computer, you’d hear ads. […]

Add iTunes Radio Featured Stations to My Stations

iTunes Radio has added a Blue Note radio station, with tons of great albums covering 75 years of jazz. It shows up in the Featured Stations section of the iTunes Radio window. But you may want to have that station show up in your My Stations section, because, while it’s currently near the beginning of […]

Create a Morton Feldman iTunes Radio Station; in Name, at Least

Not long ago, I wrote that I was disappointed that I couldn’t create a Morton Feldman station on iTunes Radio. I tried again today: Now, that’s progress. If you’d like to share my Morton Feldman iTunes Radio station, you can add it to your iTunes by clicking this link. Let’s show the world that there […]

iWant: Ad-Free Radio Even if iTunes Match is Off

iTunes Radio has its good and bad points, but one thing is really annoying. If you have an iTunes Match subscription, you get ad-free iTunes Radio playback, but only if iTunes Match is activated on your device. I have two Macs, one of which has my “your music library is too large for iTunes Match” […]