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The iTunes Store Sells Philip Glass Sheet Music

I spotted an interesting item on the iTunes Store today. Together with a new recording of Philip Glass’s Complete Piano Études, Apple is selling the sheet music for these works, in the iBooks Store. This is not new; there is plenty of sheet music on the iBooks Store, but I had not noticed it before. […]

Maria Callas Complete Recordings Available for Download from the iTunes Store

I recently wrote about the remastered set of Maria Callas’s Complete Studio Recordings on CD. This 70-disc set is a big box of all of the famous opera singers studio releases on EMI. Today, I see that the iTunes Store is selling this set as well: The Complete Studio Recordings (1949-1969), for $180. This is […]

Apple Working on New Music Format with U2? Take Such Rumors with Many Grains of Salt

Time is reporting that Apple is working on a new music format with U2. Bono tells TIME he hopes that a new digital music format in the works will prove so irresistibly exciting to music fans that it will tempt them again into buying music—whole albums as well as individual tracks. Any comment such as […]

Apple Treads Dangerous Path with Auto-Delivered Free Content Like the U2 Album

Readers of this blog are certainly aware that Apple, last week, gave 500 million people free copies of the latest U2 album (though only about 2 million people have downloaded it). Rather than send out redeem codes for the album, allowing customers to add it to their iTunes library if they so desired, Apple simply […]

New, Free U2 Album for All iTunes Store Customers

One interesting thing about Apple’s presentation today was the announcement that the new U2 album would be free to every iTunes Store customer. The Apple website says you’ll find it in your iTunes library, but this is only the case if you have iTunes in the Cloud purchases turned on, or iTunes Match. If not, […]

Apple Revamps iTunes Store Power Search Feature

A few months ago, I pointed out a semi-secret way to search the iTunes Store using the hidden iTunes Store power search feature. This is a useful way to search the iTunes Store, because you can choose to search specific types of content, and search in specific tags, such as Artist, Actor, Author and more. […]

Make Sure to Back Up Audiobooks Purchased from the iTunes Store; You Can’t Re-Download Them

In this week’s Ask the iTunes Guy column at Macworld, I discuss an issue with audiobook chapters, and I close by recommending that audiobook listeners buy from Audible’s books can be cheaper than the same books from Apple—you can get a book-a-month plan for $15 a month, and other plans can cost even less. […]

Beware Bogus iTunes Store Receipt Phishing Emails

Phishing attempts are often easy to see through, and this one isn’t very different. However, if it were tweaked a bit, it might be effective. I got this by email yesterday; I had gotten a similar one last week as well. This looks pretty much like a normal iTunes Store receipt, but the price – […]

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