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Tag Items in Your iTunes Library in a Single Window

iTunes 12 has made a mess of tagging media files; the new Info windows are hard to navigate, and, depending on the type of content you’re editing, the tags you see change. Doug Adams, purveyor of the wonderful Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes came up with an AppleScript-based applet that lets you edit all the tags […]

How to: View Your Music Videos in iTunes 12

If you’ve had time to check out iTunes 12, you may have noticed something missing. In iTunes 11, when you selected your Music library, the navigation bar at the top of the window included a button to access your music videos. In iTunes 12, there is no such button: It’s odd, but, while there is […]

iTunes 12, iTunes Match and “Removed” Files

Apple hasn’t said whether iTunes Match has changed at all, but I’m seeing an issue with a number of purchased tracks in my library with iTunes 12. I have about 60 tracks that show an iCloud Status of “Removed,” and which, while they are in my iTunes library on my Mac, they don’t show up […]

iTunes 12: How to Display the Sidebar

It’s that time again: a new version of iTunes is available. And this time, the sidebar, as we knew it before, is gone for good. However, you can still display a sidebar with your playlists, and this duplicates much of the previous sidebar functionality. To do this in any library – choose a media library […]

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