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The iTunes Guy Finds Your Lost Ringtones and More

Another iOS update, another round of bugs. This time, a recent update to iOS 8 deleted ringtones and alert tones. I explain how to get them back. I also look at using multiple Apple IDs in the iTunes Store and App Store, discuss not being able to block iTunes Radio, and look at a question […]

What to Do When iTunes Doesn’t Find Track Names for CDs You’re Ripping

I ripped some CDs today, and was very surprised to see this in iTunes: iTunes uses the Gracenote CDDB database for CD lookups, and, for 99.9% of the CDs I’ve ripped, it finds the correct albums. (One notable exception is CDs from the Brilliant Classics label.) It finds this metadata because almost every record label […]

iTunes 12: Where’s the Repeat Button?

Sometimes you’re playing an album you love, and you like it so much that you want to repeat it. There used to be a button in the iTunes window – in what’s called the iTunes LCD, which shows information about what’s playing – that let you do this. In iTunes 12, that button is gone, […]

OS X Tip: Increase Icon Size in iTunes, Mail and Finder Sidebars

If you find the icons and text in the sidebar of iTunes, Mail or the Finder to be too small or too large, you can change their sizes. But the setting isn’t easy to find; it’s not in the preferences of any of those three apps; it’s in the General pane of System Preferences. Choose […]

Restore Missing Ringtones on iOS Devices

A bug in iOS 8.1.1 has caused many people to lose their alert tones and ringtones. To restore these tones, first update your iOS device to 8.1.2, which was released yesterday. Then, do the following. If you sync your device with iTunes, connect it to iTunes, and click on it in the iTunes navigation bar. […]

How To: Move Your iTunes Library to an External Hard Drive

If your iTunes library is getting big, and filling up your computer’s hard drive, it’s a good idea to move it to an external drive. However, you need to be aware that you don’t move all of your iTunes library files; this can make iTunes confused. Here’s how you move your iTunes media files to […]

iTunes Tip: Add or Edit Information in the Comments Field in iTunes 12

iTunes 12 features a new Info window, which displays when you select one or more tracks and press Command-I. In this window, you can edit tags, such as album, artist, composer, etc. There is one tag, however, where you’re limited in how you can edit it: the Comments tag. In this file, I wanted to […]

iOS Remote App Not Displaying Album Artwork on Some Devices

If you use the iOS Remote app to control your iTunes library, you may have noticed that it doesn’t display album art on some devices. On my iPhone 5s, I doesn’t display album art, but rather shows this a blank cover, with the name of the album and artist. If, however, I tap Up Next, […]

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