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iTunes 12: Shuffle All Your Music

While it’s easy to shuffle an album, a playlist, or all the music by a given artist in iTunes 12, shuffling your entire music library isn’t available from the usual controls. But there are two ways you can do this. The first method involves using iTunes’ menu controls to turn on shuffle: choose Controls > […]

Go Back to iTunes 11

If you don’t like iTunes 12, it’s possible to revert back to iTunes 11. Chris Breen explains how over at Macworld. Personally, I don’t recommend this except to those people who are well-seasoned working with their Macs and messing around with things that aren’t designed to be messed with. It’s a complex process, and things […]

iTunes Radio Plays the Same Songs Over and Over

I’ve used iTunes Radio off and on since its launch, and I’ve not yet been won over by its approach. It plays the same songs over and over, until I try to exclude them by telling iTunes to not play them any more; and this even for songs I like. Since you can only skip […]

iTunes 12: Understanding the MiniPlayer

The iTunes MiniPlayer is a useful floating window that lets you control iTunes without needing the full window. But iTunes 12 has changed the way you access that window. First, there are two menu commands that bring up the MiniPlayer. In the Windows menu, you can choose MiniPlayer, to display the MiniPlayer above the iTunes […]

The iTunes Guy’s Special iTunes 12 Edition

When Apple released OS X Yosemite, they also gave us iTunes 12. Lots of things have changed in this new version, and I’ve been getting email from readers about many of the new features. In this week’s column, I’ll tell you how to bring back the sidebar, show you how to locate your music videos, […]

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