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iOS Remote App Not Displaying Album Artwork on Some Devices

If you use the iOS Remote app to control your iTunes library, you may have noticed that it doesn’t display album art on some devices. On my iPhone 5s, I doesn’t display album art, but rather shows this a blank cover, with the name of the album and artist. If, however, I tap Up Next, […]

The iTunes Guy Looks at CD-Less Macs, Streaming to Stereos and More

I’ve received lots of interesting questions in the last couple of weeks, and here are four of them. I address the increasingly common problem of ripping a CD when your Mac doesn’t have an optical drive. I discuss two ways of streaming music from a Mac to a stereo. I examine the quirky way iTunes […]

Why Can’t Apple Fix iOS Syncing?

Here we go again. Yet another problem syncing an iOS device. It’s gotten to the point where syncing an iPhone or an iPad is a perilous task. Today, I wanted to remove a couple of music playlists from my iPhone and add some others. I checked the capacity bar in iTunes, which showed me that […]

The iTunes Guy Looks at Missing Artwork, Shuffling in iTunes 12 and More

It’s time for a grab-bag column. Some of this week’s questions deal with iTunes 12: What do you do when album art disappears? How do you mark TV shows as watched? And how do you play music in shuffle mode in iTunes 12? I also look at a question about gifting a movie you’ve purchased […]

Deleting the iTunes Album Artwork Cache Folder May Resolve Problems with Album Art Displaying

I’ve recently gotten a number of emails from people with iTunes issues where album artwork doesn’t display correctly. There’s a simply trick that can resolve these issues: it involves deleting a cache folder that iTunes stores on your computer to speed up the display of album art. When you view files in iTunes, the app […]

iTunes 12 Sync Problems: Why Doesn’t Syncing from iTunes to iOS Devices Work?

Syncing isn’t easy; syncing a variety of disparate content from iTunes to iOS devices is complex. There have always been problems with syncing, but lately, these problems have increased. I get lots of email from readers, both of this website and of my Ask the iTunes Guy column on Macworld, and lately a lot of […]

iTunes 12: Pressing the Spacebar Does Not Play or Pause Music

One of the basic playback controls in iTunes has always been the spacebar: press it to either play or pause music. This works in your Music library, in a playlist, when you’ve selected a CD, and also for playing videos, podcasts or audiobooks. But in iTunes 12, I’m finding that this doesn’t work all the […]

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