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Apple Releases iTunes 11.4 with iOS 8 Support

Apple has released iTunes 11.4 for OS X. This release merely provides compatibility with iOS 8, due for release on September 17 (but available now to developers in the gold master version). Update your copy of iTunes from the Mac App Store app. And you should do so before installing iOS 8 on your devices. […]

The iTunes Guy Looks at Re-Downloading Audiobooks from the iTunes Store, Watching Netflix Offline and More

I’ve been getting lots of questions about lossless music files recently, and in this week’s column I answer another one. I also remind you that you can’t re-download audiobooks purchased from the iTunes Store, show how you can find songs that aren’t in any playlists, and look at a question about offline storage of Netflix […]

Copy Files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your Mac

I get lots of questions from readers and visitors to this site, and the most common question is this: My computer crashed and I lost all my music! How can I copy my files from my iPod back to my computer? Read on to find out how to do this…

(Note: this doesn’t work with an iPod touch, or with an iPhone, because you cannot mount those devices in hard disk mode.)

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