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The iTunes Guy Finds Out Why iTunes Changes Your Tags, and More


If it’s every-other-Friday, then it’s iTunes Guy time again. In this week’s column, I look at three persnickety questions. Why on earth does iTunes sometimes change the tags of content in your library? Can you back up your iOS devices to a different folder than the default location? And if you accidentally delete all your […]

The iTunes Guy Looks at Match, Car Stereos and Queuing Playlists


In my latest Ask the iTunes Guy column for Macworld, I examine an iTunes Match problem that happens to some people, where their music isn’t available from a Mac. I also look at two questions which can be resolved using AppleScripts: One about queueing playlists, and another about exporting playlists to listen to on a […]

What to Do when iTunes Changes the Tags of Your Music


I get a lot of questions for my Ask the iTunes Guy column at Macworld. Some are about hardware, but most are about iTunes and some of its quirky behavior. I got a question a couple of weeks ago that stumped me. A reader was finding that iTunes was arbitrarily changing the tags of some […]

MP3s Played in iTunes Skip After 30 Seconds


I’ve been having an odd problem in iTunes lately, and I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it. I’ve also seen that this has been a problem for other users, as seen on Apple’s support forums. (Here’s one thread describing the problem.) When I play certain MP3 files, they play for exactly […]

TuneSpan 1.2 Adds Automation, AppleScripts and More


One of the essential adjuncts to iTunes, TuneSpan, has been updated to version 1.2. I’ve written about how TuneSpan splits your iTunes library across multiple drives, and, if you have a large iTunes library, TuneSpan is a must-have tool. The new version includes strong support for AppleScript, and you can download a number of AppleScripts […]

iTunes Radio Adds More Talk Radio Stations


Apple has added some more talk radio stations to iTunes Radio. In addition to the recently added NPR News and Culture station, they have added ESPN News and Sports. There are also five other NPR stations that show up when you do a search when creating a new station: It seems likely that more NPR […]

Control iTunes Without Using iTunes


iTunes lets you control your music playback from its window, but if you don’t want the full interface visible while you listen to music, there are other ways to tell the app what to do. In my latest Macworld article, I show you how you can control iTunes using built-in features as well as third-party […]

Play a Random Album in iTunes


You know that feeling when you want to play some music, but you don’t know what? You can shuffle through your music library, but I don’t do that often for two reasons. The first is that my library is made up of disparate types of music, much of it classical. All my classical music is […]

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