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Kindle Books More Expensive on Kindle Device than Amazon Web Site?

Browsing some books on my Kindle today, then later on my iPhone, I noticed a discrepancy between the prices on the two devices. I first wondered if it was because I was logged in to Amazon UK with a different account (I have two accounts; long story). But I was logged in with the same […]

The Committed Goes Deep on Wearables

Do you use a wearable device, such as a fitness tracker? On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray, Rob Griffiths and I go deep on wearables, discussing what features we want on our wrists, and how we think the Apple Watch may or may not address these desires. We also look at […]

How To: Set up Kindle Family Library

Update: since I first wrote this article, Amazon added the ability to set up a household from their website; initially, you could only do so from a recent Kindle. I’ve updated the article to discuss these steps in addition to doing so from a Kindle. Amazon finally allows you to share ebooks with your family, […]

The Committed Podcast Discusses Wearables, the Kindle Voyage and More

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray, and I – Rob Griffiths was indisposed – discuss new wearables announced by Fitbit and Jawbone, pay compliments to our new Kindle Voyages, chat about the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and discuss ApplePay and its competitors. I get Ian to buy a Kindle case, and […]

Review: Kindle Voyage Is a Nearly Perfect Ebook Reader

I’ve been using Kindles since the first small model, back in the pre-touch, pre-backlit days. I never really got on with them: my eyes don’t like the lack of contrast, though I loved reading with them outdoors. When the Kindle Paperwhite came out, I liked that device very much, and had each of the two […]

Case Review: Inatek Felt Kindle Sleeve

After I cracked my Kindle Paperwhite’s screen (which somehow miraculously healed itself), I replaced it with a new Paperwhite and bought a case for it. It was a standard folio case from Anker; the kind that has a back shell and a flip-open cover. (, Amazon UK) This is a good case, and it protects […]

Kindle Family Library: Share Your Kindle Books with Family Members

One thing that has kept me from buying more ebooks is the inability to share them with my partner. In the US, you can share Kindle ebooks, on a one-off basis, but it’s not a simple process. Here in the UK, there is no such feature. I noticed a new feature listed on Amazon’s Kindle […]

My Kindle Paperwhite’s Cracked Screen Has Healed Itself

I couple of months ago, I cracked my Kindle Paperwhite’s screen. I tossed it on my bed, one day, and it landed on my iPhone, making a nasty crack with spidery lines extending a few inches. It wasn’t broken, but there was no way I could read on that device; it was too distracting. So, […]

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