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Essential Music: Franz Schubert’s Complete Songs

Music Review: Franz Schubert Complete Songs
Hyperion Records
40 CDs plus book containing song texts, 2005. List price GBP 180.

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In 1987, Hyperion Records began what turned out to be a colossal project: the recording of all of Franz Schubert’s songs (or lieder), a total of 729 songs performed by over 60 soloists. Some of these songs are for male voice, others for female voice, and others for several singers together. (In comparison, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau’s landmark recording of all the lieder for solo male voice includes 463 songs on 21 CDs.) Originally released on 37 CDs, over a period of 18 years (the amount of time it took Schubert to compose all these songs, before his early death), this new set presents the songs in chronological order.

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau: Selected Recordings

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, after hearing of his death, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau was one of my favorite singers, and the one who introduced me to the lieder genre. Lieder – plural of lied, or song in German – is often translated by “art song” in English. It’s only “arty” in the sense that […]

Celebrating Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau’s 85th Birthday

I’m celebrating the 85th birthday of the wonderful singer Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau today by listening to some “new” recordings of his: a 4-disc set of some of his recordings made for EMI, never released, of lieder by Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Schoenberg and Berg. Recordings from the Archives features five hours of music recorded between 1959 (for […]


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