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How To: Use OS X Yosemite’s Finder Preview Pane

A neat feature in Yosemite that I haven’t seen mentioned much is the new Preview pane in the Finder. If you display this, you’ll see a preview of whatever item you’ve selected in a Finder window. (This is new in icon view; it has existed for years in column view.) Here’s an example: I’ve got […]

How To: Use Dark Mode in OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite features a dark mode option. If you turn this on, your menus, Dock and application switcher (the bezel that displays when you press Command-Tab) will be black, and not translucent. To activate this, open System Preferences, then click on General. Check Use dark menu bar and Dock. You can see above what […]

Yosemite Tip: How to Turn Off the Annoying Translucency

One of the big design features in OS X Yosemite is translucency, also known as “blurring the interface for no reason other than because it looks cool.” It does look cool; for about five minutes. After that, it’s just annoying. It’s hard to see things clearly, especially in menus. There’s no justification for this in […]

Great New Mac App Bundle: 8 Apps for Only $30

StackSocial is running a great new bundle of Mac apps. There are eight apps in the Mac to the Future Bundle, three of which I use and like very much: Fantastical, Ember and Capo. Fantastical is a great calendar app; I use it on both my Mac and my iOS devices. Ember is a tool […]

Is Apple Trying to Do too Much Too Quickly?

I recently wrote about Apple’s string of bad luck, with bad press, a bad keynote stream, the U2 album spamming fiasco, and, above all, the iOS 8.0.1 update that bricked a lot of users’ iPhones. If I were to go back in the archives of this website, I’d find other, similar articles about blunders when […]

Change Screen Resolution on Headless OS X Server

I recently set up my old Mac mini as a server. I replaced it a few months ago with a Mac Pro, and wanted to muck around with OS X Server, taking advantage of some of its features, especially centralized Time Machine backups and software download and update caching. I set up the server, but, […]

The Dangers of Disk Cleaning Apps

I read a review of a disk cleaning app yesterday, and I was curious, so I grabbed it from the Mac App Store. With a launch price of a buck, Disk App is like so many other apps of its kind. It offers to delete files en masse, with little information about whether or not […]

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