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Change Screen Resolution on Headless OS X Server

I recently set up my old Mac mini as a server. I replaced it a few months ago with a Mac Pro, and wanted to muck around with OS X Server, taking advantage of some of its features, especially centralized Time Machine backups and software download and update caching. I set up the server, but, […]

The Dangers of Disk Cleaning Apps

I read a review of a disk cleaning app yesterday, and I was curious, so I grabbed it from the Mac App Store. With a launch price of a buck, Disk App is like so many other apps of its kind. It offers to delete files en masse, with little information about whether or not […]

Get Dragon Dictate for Mac 50% Off

Dragon Dictate, the pre-eminent (and only) third-part dictation software is on sale for $100, 50% off its regular price. I’m a frequent dictator, and have reviewed Dragon Dictate for Macworld over the past few years, and found Dragon Dictate 4 to have impressive recognition, much better than previous versions. I use Dragon Dictate often; not […]

iOS and OS X Need Private Photos Feature

Coming soon in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite: “Every photo and video you take now lives in iCloud.” As we’ve seen this week, this type of feature has been a problem for some A-list celebrities who had their photos shared. It’s likely that “store all your photos in the cloud” is no longer a […]

Oodles of Great Ways to Manage Email

If there’s one daily chore that cries out for automation, it’s managing your email inbox. Fortunately, there are all kinds of tools—some built into itself, others from third-party vendors—that can help you do just that. In my latest (collaborative) Macworld article, seven of us – myself, together with colleagues Christopher Breen, Katie Floyd, Dan […]

Beware Huge Caches with BitTorrent Sync

I’ve been using the excellent BitTorrent Sync app to keep some folders synchronized across my two Macs. I work mostly on my Mac Pro, but also do some work on my MacBook Pro. Also, when I write books and articles, I generally do the screenshots on the MacBook Pro, because it has a retina display. […]

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