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iWant: AirPlay Streaming from iOS Devices to Macs


AirPlay is very cool. You can stream from a Mac to various devices, such as an Apple TV, or to standalone AirPlay-compatible speakers. You can stream from an iOS device to an Apple TV or to standalone AirPlay speakers. But one thing I’d like, which currently isn’t possible, is to stream from an iOS device […]

It Was Thirty Years Ago Today…


Thirty years ago today, Steve Jobs took the stage to present what would be come a revolutionary new computer: the Macintosh. It had windows and icons, it had graphics instead of just commands that you typed to a sterile environment. And look where we’ve gone…     (The two images above are roughly to scale.) […]

Beware New Phishing Emails Targeting iTunes Store Users


Phishing emails are nothing new. You probably get them from people pretending to be banks, utility companies, delivery companies, stores and more. But phishing emails pretending to be from Apple aren’t that common. I got one today; and it’s the first time I’ve seen this one. It tells me that my “iTunes ID happens to […]

Hear Me Talk Mac and iTunes on the Macworld Podcast


I sat down (virtually) with Chris Breen this week for the Macworld Podcast. We talked for about 45 minutes, discussing the command line, iTunes, iTunes Match, subscription music services, and much more. Check out the Macworld Podcast here.

Why Apple Won’t Make a Mac mini / Apple TV Hybrid


Karen Haslam wrote an interesting article over at Macworld UK, discussing the next refresh to the Mac mini. Karen suggests that Apple might make a Mac mini the same size as an Apple TV. “Even better, how about a Mac mini that was also an Apple TV!” I have to disagree; I don’t think Apple […]

Witch: A Great Window Switcher for Mac


I got a copy of Many Tricks’ $19 Witch today. It’s a window switcher for Mac OS X. Now this might need a bit of explanation. You probably know that you can press Command-Tab to switch applications, but you can’t choose which window – if an application has multiple windows – you’ll go to. Witch […]