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The iTunes Guy – That’s Me

Over at Macworld, we’ve just introduced Ask the iTunes Guy. This occasional column will take readers’ questions and explain how to do what you want with iTunes. I’m the iTunes Guy, and I’ll be answering questions over the coming months. So far, response has been well above what we expected, and we have dozens of […]

Hear Me on the Macworld Podcast

Chris Breen writes: “We’re now in the last stage of the cycle where we have a better idea of what Lion is and isn’t good for. With that in mind, Kirk McElhearn joins me to talk about some of Lion’s annoyances—specifically, where iCal falls down. Later in the discussion we talk generally about Lion’s features […]

Check Out High-Resolution Audio Files on your Mac

Do you know about high-resolution audio files? These digital music files have bit rates as much as three times that of CDs, and claim to offer sound far beyond that of CDs. My latest Macworld article looks at this type of music file and tells you how to play them on your Mac. See also: […]