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Some Thoughts on the Demise of Macworld Magazine

As you may have read yesterday, Macworld magazine is no more. There will be a final November issue, then all that will remain is This is a sad moment, as Macworld was such a great crew of writers and editors, and they’ll be missed. I’ve been writing as a freelancer for Macworld since 2001, […]

TidBITS: Macworld Lays Off Staffers, Closes Print Edition

“My Twitter feed just exploded with the news that numerous long-time Macworld editors, including Dan Frakes, Roman Loyola, Philip Michaels, Dan Miller, and Dan Moren have been laid off. (There is no truth the rumor that Macworld parent IDG just had too many editors named “Dan” on the books.) In addition, Jason Snell has quit; he was a senior vice president and editorial director for IDG Consumer.

Specific details about what happened emerged quickly afterwards, with Macworld Editor Dan Miller confirming that the print edition of Macworld would be going away and the Web site would continue with a reduced staff. Exactly who that will include remains to be seen, with Chris Breen being the only well-known Macworld contributor to say that he wasn’t laid off. Dan Miller later said that would continue to hire freelancers.”

Quite a surprise. The day after they all did great reporting on Apple’s new product announcements.

As for me, it seems that, as Adam Engst says above, they will continue to hire freelancers; I’ll know more in a few days.

I’ll miss the magazine. Even though I read lots on the web, I’ve been reading Macworld for longer than I can remember.

TidBITS: Macworld Lays Off Staffers, Closes Print Edition.

The iTunes Guy – That’s Me

Over at Macworld, we’ve just introduced Ask the iTunes Guy. This occasional column will take readers’ questions and explain how to do what you want with iTunes. I’m the iTunes Guy, and I’ll be answering questions over the coming months. So far, response has been well above what we expected, and we have dozens of […]

Two New Macworld Articles: Ripping CD Box Sets and a Review of Dragon Dictate

I’ve got two new articles on Macworld today. In the first, I look at issues that arise when you rip box sets of CDs. And in the second, I review Dragon Dictate 2.5, the speech recognition program that lets you talk instead of type.

Hear Me on the Macworld Podcast

Chris Breen writes: “We’re now in the last stage of the cycle where we have a better idea of what Lion is and isn’t good for. With that in mind, Kirk McElhearn joins me to talk about some of Lion’s annoyances—specifically, where iCal falls down. Later in the discussion we talk generally about Lion’s features […]

Check Out High-Resolution Audio Files on your Mac

Do you know about high-resolution audio files? These digital music files have bit rates as much as three times that of CDs, and claim to offer sound far beyond that of CDs. My latest Macworld article looks at this type of music file and tells you how to play them on your Mac. See also: […]

Hear Me Talk about iTunes on This Week’s Macworld Podcast

Chris Breen invited me on this week’s Macworld podcast to talk about iTunes. We spent a nice half-hour discussing good, bad and annoying points about the program. Check it out to hear some ideas about working with iTunes, what its future will be, and what could be improved. Listen to or download the Macworld podcast. […]

Read an Excerpt from my Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ on Macworld

Macworld is running an excerpt from my latest book today. The section they’ve published tells you about sharing your iTunes library. But, of course, there is much more in the book. You can download the introduction and table of contents here, and you can buy the book for a mere $10.