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Crowdfunding R. Andrew Lee’s Music of a Considerable Duration


R. Andrew Lee is a pianist who records a wide variety of minimalist music for Irritable Hedgehog. Some of the music he records is quite long. There’s Tom Johnson’s An Hour for Piano, which, as its title suggests, lasts an hour. And there’s November, which is just shy of five hours. Lee has launched a […]

Three of the Best Rock Concert Movies of All Time


I like using iTunes’ shuffle mode, and every now and then, it pops up something I hadn’t heard in a while, giving me an Aha! moment, reminding me to spin a (virtual) disc that hasn’t been heard recently. Today, the one that set me off was Born Under the Punches, by Talking Heads. Listening to […]

Book Review: Give My Regards to Eight Street, by Morton Feldman


Composer Morton Feldman was a voluble man, but he didn’t write much down. He taught and gave lectures, but his collected writings fit in this book, Give My Regards to Eight Street (Amazon.com, Amazon UK). At just over 200 pages, it contains articles about art and music, and liner notes and program notes for some […]

The Reviewer’s Conundrum: What to Do with a Very Bad Recording?


I review CDs and DVDs for MusicWeb International, the site with the largest number of classical CD reviews freely available on the internet. I’ve been writing reviews for the site for nearly 15 years, and have reviewed some 600 CDs and DVDs. MusicWeb reviewers receive a list of CDs every month or so, and choose […]


In Praise of Mono Recordings


I sit at my desk, listening to Miles Davis playing ’Round Midnight, from his 1957 album ’Round About Midnight. The sound is crystal clear, with each instrument balanced against the rhythm section, as Miles shares the lead with John Coltrane on tenor sax. I’m listening to the original mono mix of this album, and it […]

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