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Apple Fixes Another iTunes Podcast Bug in iTunes 11.2.2 Update

Apple hasn’t been lucky with iTunes 11.2. This is the second minor update since it was released, and thing one fixes a problem many people have had with podcasts: This update fixes a problem where certain podcast episodes may download unexpectedly after upgrading and includes several stability improvements. Grab it from the Mac App Store […]

Syncing iTunes Podcast Settings Uses Your iTunes Store Account

Since Apple added podcast syncing to iTunes last week, a number of people have asked me how iTunes syncs these settings. It seemed obvious to me that this was using your iTunes Store account, but to many people this is not the case. The setting for this is in iTunes’ Store preferences. Select iTunes > […]

iTunes 11 and Podcasts: You Cannot Delete Old Podcasts

I posted a first article about how Apple has broken podcasts with iTunes 11, and the more I look at it, the more I see that it’s a mess. Here’s one problem: you cannot delete old podcasts. If you do – deleting them, and their files – they still show up in the podcast list. […]

iTunes 11: Apple Has Broken Podcasts (But Here’s How to Partly Fix Them)

One of the less talked about features of the most recent update to iTunes (11.1) is the new Podcast features. While the goal of the new features is to make it easier to manage podcasts across devices, the update has caused much consternation to many podcast listeners. (I’ll post an article about the podcast subscription […]

You Can’t Play Podcasts from the iOS Music App Any More

Syncing my iPhone to iTunes 11.1, I was surprised to see this: I had been running the beta of iTunes 11.1, and the GM of iOS 7, but when I downloaded the final version of iTunes 11.1, I saw the above. So it looks like we’re stuck; no more using the Music app to play […]

Podcasts: Over One Billion Served

It seems like it was just yesterday when I co-authored a book called Podcasting Pocket Guide, with Richard Giles and Jack D. Herrington. This slim book, published in late 2005, was an introduction to the then-new medium of podcasts, and was one of the first books to cover this new trend. The book was written […]

More on Podcasts and iOS 6

Following this post about how to remove the iOS 6 Podcasts app and use the Music app to listen to podcasts on an iOS device, I have written a more extensive article about podcasts on iOS for Macworld. I look at how the Podcasts app works, if you want to use it, and explain how […]

Don’t Like the iOS 6 Podcasts App? Get Rid of It

If you like to listen to podcasts, but are dismayed at the way they are relegated to their own Podcasts app in iOS 6 (and in iOS 5 as well), you don’t have to use the Podcasts app. What’s changed in iOS 6 is that podcasts no longer show up in the Music app; with […]

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