iTunes Store Gripe: Why Do I Have to Download Files I Don’t Want?

I grabbed a couple of free TV show episodes from the iTunes Store today, and I was faced with a problem that’s existed since the iTunes Store started offering TV episodes in HD. I had to download not only the HD versions, but also the SD versions. So, for the three shows I downloaded, I had to also download nearly 2.5 GB of files that I will simply put in the trash as soon as they’ve finished.

Why, oh why, does this continue? I understand the reason for offering both formats when you buy or download HD shows: some older iPods, or the iPod classic, can’t handle HD. And you may want the HD files for your computer or Apple TV, and the SD files for those devices. But, heck, can you let us decide if we really want to download all those files? I, for one, don’t want the SD files. I watch TV shows on my MacBook Air or my Apple TV. And every time I grab something on the iTunes Store, it’s the same story: one or more hours of downloading that I don’t want. There’s no way to tell the iTunes Store that, no, you don’t want a file. If you delete it from the Downloads playlist, it simply respawns the next time you launch iTunes.

So, Apple, let us choose to not download these files. Even though I have fairly good bandwidth, it’s still a couple of hours that I don’t need to waste on downloading files I don’t need.

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