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Sony Pictures Employees Now Working in Air-Gapped Offices

There is so much to say about the Sony hack, whether it has been perpetrated by the North Koreans or not, but everyone else is saying it, so I’ll just let them go ahead. I found one thing interesting about the situation: according to TechCrunch article, Sony Pictures employees are now working in air-gapped offices; […]

Help a Good Samaritan Return Your Lost iPhone, iPad or Mac

You know it could happen some day: you might lose your iPhone, iPad or laptop. If you’ve activated Find My iPhone (or the similarly named feature for other devices), you’ll get an approximate location for the device, but if it’s in an apartment building or office building, or if there’s no Wi-Fi or cellular access, […]

How To: Set a Long Passcode on an iOS Device

On the most recent episode of The Committed Podcast, we were discussing security and iPhones, and one of my co-hosts, Ian Schray, mentioned not using a four-digit passcode, that it’s too insecure to use such a simple passcode. I realized after the recording that a lot of people may not know how to set up […]

Why Apple’s Two-Step Authentication Can Be Dangerous

Apple offers two-step authentication for iCloud accounts, but their version of this process is quite rigid, and is downlight dangerous. Owen Williams writes about this in an article for The Next Web, showing how he was nearly locked out of his account. His account was locked for “security reasons;” in other words, someone tried to […]

I Almost Fell for This Apple ID Phishing Email

I almost fell for this; until I read the subject line. iPhone 3; seriously? These guys need to update their stuff.* * Apparently some readers think I was being serious above. I’ve added this footnote for those who didn’t spot the sarcasm, which, perhaps, is not as obvious as I thought.

Download the OS X Bash Security Update to Protect Your Mac from Shellshock Exploit

There’s been a lot of news about a security risk that affects multiple platforms called Shellshock. Apple has released a security update, that patches the bash shell, but it’s not available through the Mac App Store or Software Update. If you want to apply this update to your Mac – which you should, if your […]

Apple Now Emails You When You Sign into iCloud on the Web

There is always a fine balance between security and usability. Apple was strongly criticized because of the iCloud selfie breach, and Tim Cook announced that the company would be implementing new security procedures. As of today, one of them is live: if you sign into iCloud on the web, you’ll get an email: This is […]

The Committed Podcast Discusses iCloud and Security

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray, Rob Griffiths and I talk about iCloud and security. In the wake of the recent nude selfies hack, we look at this issue, and the type of security that that cloud services require. We examine Apple’s two-factor authentication, and agree that it’s not simple, we […]

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