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Twitter Mistakes that Companies Make or How to Lose Twitter Followers

I use Twitter regularly, for a number of reasons. It keeps me in touch with friends and colleagues; this is especially useful for me as a freelancer, since I don’t have a water-cooler (or, if I did, I’d have a lot of one-sided conversations with my cat). But I also use Twitter to share my […]

What if Twitter Locks Out Third-Party Apps?

A recent announcement from Twitter highlights the fact that the company is seeking to make more money from its service. This is certainly not a surprise; Twitter is widely used, yet there is little advertising, other than sponsored tweets and accounts, and the company needs to monetize its user base. But developers are worrying about […]

Facebook Wants Way Too Much Information

I was interested to see that Facebook has released a WordPress plugin. This would allow me to easily share content from this blog to my Facebook page. I installed the plugin, and went to configure it, and, after creating an “app” on Facebook, saw the following: Seriously? My mobile phone number? MY CREDIT CARD? WTF? […]

Apple’s Ping: Anatomy of a Failure

We’ve become used to Apple’s successes in recent years, so a failure of the level of Ping comes as a bit of a surprise. Of course, those of us who write about Macs and Apple products remember many failures in the company’s past: from the Newton (ahead of its times) to the Cube, by way […]

Will Apple (Finally) Kill Ping?

Tim Cook had a conversation yesterday at the All Things Digital conference, where he discussed Macs, iPads, and a number of other subjects. One comment he made was about Ping: We tried Ping and the customer voted and said, this isn’t something I want to put a lot of energy into. Some customers love it, […]

Why Spotify Sucks for Classical Music

Spotify, just released as an invitation-only service in the US, has been around in Europe for a while. I wrote about it for Macworld back in 2009, and here on Kirkville in November 2010 (and just updated the latter). I’d been thinking about subscribing to Spotify earlier this week, before they announced US availability, and […]

New in iTunes 10.1: Disable Ping

You asked for it, you got it. Finally! For all the Pingophobes, iTunes 10.1, just released, lets you disable Ping and remove it from the iTunes sidebar. There are two ways to do this. Go to the General preferences and uncheck the Ping box: Or go to the Parental preferences, and check the Ping box: […]

Ping and Twitter? Seriously?

Apple’s Ping, which is the “musical social network” grafted onto the iTunes Store, has been limping along since its introduction. So any way of getting it out of its fortress could help Apple to make people realize that Ping exists, and potentially sell more music. Apple and Twitter have announced an integration of the two […]

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