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Learn about LaunchBar’s Six Superpowers in My Latest Book: Take Control of LaunchBar

Updated for the recently released LaunchBar 6. I’ve been using LaunchBar for nearly as long as it has been around on the Mac. It’s the first utility that I install on every new Mac; with LaunchBar installed, I can get on with everything else I need to do. LaunchBar has superpowers. It won’t give you […]

Three Wireless Microphones for Speech Recognition

In my latest Macworld article, I look at three wireless microphones to use with Dragon Dictate, or other speech recognition solutions. After having tested a number of wireless microphones a few years ago, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of wireless mics now. I look at three models, from a portable one to a […]

FileMaker Retires Bento, the Everyman’s (and Woman’s) Database

FileMaker recently announced that the company is retiring Bento, its personal database program. FileMaker said that this is because its “customers’ use of FileMaker on iOS is growing rapidly.” The problem is that FileMaker is a behemoth of a product, designed for businesses, which costs $300, compared to Bento, which cost $50. Also, Bento was […]

Thoughts on Using Speech Recognition Software On a Mac

Way back in the late 1990s, I remember first trying speech recognition software. The first program I used was ViaVoice, by IBM. If my memory is correct, this was the first Mac program that allowed you to speak in phrases and sentences, as opposed to dictating each word one at a time. I used this […]

Choosing a Microphone for Speech Recognition

I’ve been using speech recognition tools a lot recently: Dragon Dictate, and the new Dragon Express (my review of which should be up on Macworld in a few days). As part of this, I looked at the different types of microphones you can use with speech recognition software in my latest Macworld article. If you […]

Welcome to My New Sponsor: Moom

I’d like to welcome my new sponsor, Moom. Or, more correctly, Many Tricks Software, whose useful window-organizing utility for Mac OS X, Moom, is a hugely popular Mac utility. With Moom, you can resize, organize and manage windows using the mouse or keyboard, setting up windows to fill your screen, or choosing specific sizes and […]

Apple Now Providing Demo Version of Final Cut Pro X, Mac App Store Only App

Apple has updated Final Cut Pro X, the much-derided recent version of its video editing software, and is now offering a downloadable demo version. For an application sold only through the Mac App Store, this is certainly a Big Thing. Many people – from users to developers – have complained about demo versions of apps […]

Why Use VueScan?

I just got a new scanner – a Canon CanoScan LIDE210. I’ve used Canon scanners for many years, and have always been satisfied, but my current (now previous) scanner, an LIDE70, was about six years old, and relatively slow. I want to scan some books, and I wanted something that is faster. The LIDE210 claims […]

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