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My Latest Book: Take Control of Scrivener 2

Have you ever used Scrivener, the word processor for creative writers? If you have, you’ll want to check out my latest book, Take Control of Scrivener 2. In this ebook, you’ll take a creative voyage with Scrivener 2, a unique and popular content-generation tool. Scrivener supports wordsmiths of all types, and it’s designed especially for […]

Another Addition to My Backup Plan: the ioSafe Solo

A few months ago, I wrote an article for Macworld about how I back up my data. I pointed out that I’m a belt and suspenders guy when it comes to backing up data, and that I even have a fireproof safe in my basement “just in case.” Following that article, a vendor wrote me […]

Developers Outsource Support to Google Groups: Fail

Yesterday, I bought TaskPaper, a simple to-do list manage from the Mac App Store. I had a reproducible crashing issue, and wanted to contact support. But support is only available via Google Groups. So, I had to post this review on the Mac App Store, in hopes I would get a reply. I shouldn’t have […]

A Poorly Conceived Download Process: VMware Fusion

I run VMware Fusion occasionally on my Mac, for the few Windows programs (mostly go programs) that interest me. Today, the company released an update for this program, and I tried to use the built-in auto-updater. It downloaded the update (with no indication of how big the update was, and no progress bar showing how […]

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