Review: Griffin WaveStand for iPad

I know, an iPad stand review is perhaps a bit limited in interest. Frankly, I wouldn’t have posted this if not for the fact that this stand sucks, and for the fact that, in spite of what Griffin says on their web site, it is not compatible with the current iPad (not the previous iPad 2).

The idea is nice: The Griffin Wavestand is a small stand that has a sliding bit of plastic that extends from the back to give enough room to support the stand. The stand has no-slip rubber on it, and works pretty well in staying upright. The problem, however, lies in the part of the stand that holds the iPad. It, too, has no-slip rubber, but the space is too deep. After tapping on the iPad’s screen a few times, the iPad slips back and eventually falls out of the stand. This occurs whether it is in portrait or landscape mode.

This stand probably worked fine with the original iPad, with its thicker body. But the beveled edges of the newer models don’t sit well in the stand. Griffin deceptively states that this stand is compatible with the iPad 2 and the iPad 3 (which Apple calls the “new iPad,” but this is clearly not the case.

Griffin, you suck. I’m returning this to Amazon where I bought it, and you have made me waste time having to deal with a product that simply doesn’t work.

To my readers: I’m looking for a simple, inexpensive iPad stand. I have an iPad dock, and that works fine for portrait mode, but not in landscape. Feel free to post any recommendations in the comments.

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