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Essential Apps: BBEdit 11 Update with New Features, Improved Foundations

One of my essential apps is BBEdit. This venerable text editor, now 21 years old – amazing to think that an app like this has been around through so many versions of Mac OS and OS X – has just reaching version 11, with a handful of great new features, and a major overhaul under […]

What Are the Best “Focused-Writing” Apps for OS X?

I wrote an article a while ago about The Tools I Use: Writing and Text Apps, discussing the different apps that are part of my writing toolbox. In my latest Macworld article, I look at several “focused-writing” apps for OS X. “These apps, increasingly popular of late, allow you to write in a focused environment, […]

App Review: Information Architects’ Writer Pro for OS X and iOS

I’ve written about how iA Writer is one of the tools I use for writing, and when the company announced a new app, Writer Pro, I was curious. I recently reviewed the app, in both the OS X and iOS versions, for Macworld. I was very disappointed by this app. I don’t understand the logic […]

Bare Bones Updates TextWrangler: The Free Text Editor for Mac

Bare Bones Software has released TextWrangler 4.0, the amazing free text editor for Mac. Over the years, Bare Bones has maintained this free text editor and provided the Mac community with a powerful tool that does most of what you’ll need to do with a text editor. Yet I don’t use TextWrangler; I use the […]