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Location Services and Moving House: Not Always as You Expect


About two weeks ago, I moved house from York to a barn near Stratford-Upon-Avon. When I open apps like Weather, Maps, etc.; the phone should know that I’ve moved and position me accordingly, showing me nearby roads, and giving me local weather. This is the case when I’m outdoors, as my iPhone gets its location […]

Fujitsu Scanner: My Second Device Fails With Same Problem as First


I wrote not long ago about some terrible customer service from Fujitsu regarding a recently acquired S1500 M scanner. I got the scanner replaced finally from the Apple online store here in France, and it turns out the replacement has exactly the same problem. I’ve narrowed it down to color scans: the scanner can automatically […]

The Stupidity of Apple’s Lion Installer


This hasn’t been my week. I got this video freeze problem with my new Mac mini, and decided that reinstalling Lion would be the best way to determine whether it’s an OS problem or a hardware problem. I have the option to return the computer for an exchange in the first two weeks, so I […]

Mac OS X Lion Freezes – Is iTunes the Culprit?


I recently posted an article about Lion video freezes occurring with my new Mac mini. There were clear error messages, showing that this is related to the previous Lion video freeze problem I experienced. Since then, I’ve a couple of other freezes, unrelated to video. And looking at the logs at the time they occurred, […]

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