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Twin Peaks Now Available on Blu-Ray


Somehow, I missed Twin Peaks. It was on TV at a time when I wasn’t watching much TV. I was living in France, and, as a rule, I didn’t watch TV series dubbed in French (which was the case for most of them in the 90s, before TV by satellite and ADSL). When I heard […]

DVD Notes: The Forsyte Saga


A few years ago, I watched the 2002 TV adaption of The Forsyte Saga with Damien Lewis. (Amazon.com, Amazon UK) I was impressed by this series, which looks at an upper middle-class English family and the events that unfold as people in the family stop conforming to tradition. From a trilogy of novels by the […]


17 People (West Wing)


If you’re a West Wing fan, 17 People – episode 18 of season 2 – is arguably one of the best episodes. In fact, it starts a run of several great episodes at the end of the season, culminating with the Emmy-award winning Two Cathedrals, that ends the season (with a cliffhanger; but it’s obvious […]

Amazon Introduces Amazon Fire TV


Amazon has introduced the Amazon Fire TV (Amazon.com), a tiny Apple TV-like box that you can use to stream Amazon Prime Video, and video from other services. Amazon describes the $99 box as follows: Amazon Fire TV is a tiny box that connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment. With a huge selection […]

Is Edward Snowden Really Saul Goodman?


Check for yourself. Here’s Snowden talking at the SXSW conference today: And here’s Saul Goodman: Take Saul, add the stubble and glasses, and I’m convinced. Better call Snowden!

The iTunes Store Goes TV Marathon


Netflix has shown that people want to watch TV series in marathon viewings, and has released a number of the series it has produced – such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black – to meet this demand. Instead of letting episodes trickle out one a week, they give you an entire […]

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