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Tweet to Add Items to Your Amazon Shopping Cart with #AmazonCart Hashtag

Amazon has introduced a new feature called #AmazonCart. You can now reply to any tweet that features a link to an product, add the #AmazonCart hashtag, and Amazon will add that item to your shopping cart. (You’ll have to link your Twitter account to your Amazon profile for this to work.) It’s an interesting […]

Twitter Mistakes that Companies Make or How to Lose Twitter Followers

I use Twitter regularly, for a number of reasons. It keeps me in touch with friends and colleagues; this is especially useful for me as a freelancer, since I don’t have a water-cooler (or, if I did, I’d have a lot of one-sided conversations with my cat). But I also use Twitter to share my […]

Two iOS Twitter Apps Compared: Twitterrific vs. Tweetbot

I’m a regular user of Twitter (you can follow me, @mcelhearn), and having a powerful Twitter client on my iPhone and iPad is essential. For a while, I used Tweetbot, then switched to Twitterrific, and I recently went back to Tweetbot, but am thinking of going back to Twitteriffic… It’s hard to choose between the […]

When Tweeters Tweet Too Much

I like Twitter, and I use my account, @mcelhearn, to share articles I’ve written, info about my books, and varied things that interest me. This may include music I like, books I’m reading, movies I’ve seen and more. I follow about 300 Twitter accounts. Some are friends, others colleagues (fellow Mac writers), and others are […]

The Problem with Twitter’s User Cap

A Macworld article yesterday pointed out how Tapbots pulled their alpha of Tweetbot for Mac, because of worries about Twitter’s new user caps. Twitter is now limiting the number of users a third-party app can have. As Lex Friedman said in the Macworld article: For existing apps, the limit is either 100,000 users or double […]

What if Twitter Locks Out Third-Party Apps?

A recent announcement from Twitter highlights the fact that the company is seeking to make more money from its service. This is certainly not a surprise; Twitter is widely used, yet there is little advertising, other than sponsored tweets and accounts, and the company needs to monetize its user base. But developers are worrying about […]

Twitter Thoughts: Using Two Accounts to Sort Tweets?

I’ve been using Twitter for several months now, with my account @mcelhearn. I find it a good way to communicate with my readers, as well as with my colleagues. It’s also an interesting way to get news, though I tend to depend more on RSS for general news. But I’ve noticed that there are two […]

Ping and Twitter? Seriously?

Apple’s Ping, which is the “musical social network” grafted onto the iTunes Store, has been limping along since its introduction. So any way of getting it out of its fortress could help Apple to make people realize that Ping exists, and potentially sell more music. Apple and Twitter have announced an integration of the two […]