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Wearable Review: Fitbit Charge Activity Tracker

I’ve been using the Fitbit One fitness tracker for about two years. It’s easy to use, since it clips on your belt and you can forget about it. But I like the idea of the fitness tracker, and have tried several others, such as the Nike+ Fuelband, and the the Fitbit Flex and Jawbone Up […]

The Committed Goes Deep on Wearables

Do you use a wearable device, such as a fitness tracker? On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray, Rob Griffiths and I go deep on wearables, discussing what features we want on our wrists, and how we think the Apple Watch may or may not address these desires. We also look at […]

Withings Puts Fashion First with New Fitness Tracking Watch

I’m very interested in the idea of wearables, and have reviewed several of them on this website (the Fitbit One, Fitbit Flex and Jawbone Up 24 and the Nike+ Fuelband. I’m interested in the idea of these devices, not so much because I’m very active, but because, if used regularly, I find they can motivate […]

The Committed Podcast Talks about New Products and the iPhone 6 Plus

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray, Rob Griffiths and I discuss some new wearable products, talk about the Kindle Voyage (Ian and I both have one, and we love it), and rag on the Pebble “smart watch.” Then we go on to discuss, in detail, Ian’s comically-large iPhone 6 Plus. Listen […]

The Committed Podcast Discusses Wearables, the Kindle Voyage and More

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray, and I – Rob Griffiths was indisposed – discuss new wearables announced by Fitbit and Jawbone, pay compliments to our new Kindle Voyages, chat about the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and discuss ApplePay and its competitors. I get Ian to buy a Kindle case, and […]

Fitbit Connect Software and High CPU Usage by galileod Process

I have a Fitbit One, and I use their Fitbit Connect software on my Mac so the device can sync silently using a USB dongle. When I got my 5K iMac the other day, the dongle wasn’t recognized, so I re-installed the software. I’ve noticed since then that, at times, my Mac lags a bit […]

Apple Plans to Stop Selling Fitbit Devices in Stores

“Apple may soon stop selling the popular Fitbit devices, as it clears the way for its own wearable technology product set to launch sometime next year, according to sources.

“It’s unclear exactly why Apple will no longer sell the devices, which track steps and other health metrics, in its retail stores. But the move comes a week after Fitbit issued a statement saying it was still “evaluating integration with HealthKit,” Apple’s new software application that acts as a central repository for health and fitness data on iPhones.”

This is a bit mean-sprited on the part of Apple, but it’s important to remember that, if Apple does stop selling Fitbit’s products, there may be more to the story that we don’t know. I don’t know how well Fitbit’s products perform in Apple’s stores, but I’ve found the Fitbit One to be the most accurate of the four fitness trackers I tried.

via Apple Plans to Stop Selling Fitbit Devices in Stores | Re/code.

Why the Apple iWatch Will Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

There comes a time when the Apple rumor mill gets things right. Before the first iPhone was announced, rumors — and, perhaps, leaks from the company — helped set our expectations for the new device. The same is true today with Apple’s potential wearable device. There has been enough information to suggest that, tomorrow, when […]

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