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Why the Apple iWatch Will Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

There comes a time when the Apple rumor mill gets things right. Before the first iPhone was announced, rumors — and, perhaps, leaks from the company — helped set our expectations for the new device. The same is true today with Apple’s potential wearable device. There has been enough information to suggest that, tomorrow, when […]

A Wearable Device for Meditators

I’ve been exploring wearable fitness trackers recently, and, in addition to the three devices I reviewed, I got a Nike+ Fuelband this week. With yesterday’s news that Nike is probably exiting the wearables market, most likely because Apple will be releasing an iWatch, the thought crossed my mind that there is a market for a […]

iWant: A Vibrating Wristband

You may have read my recent review of three fitness trackers, one that clips on your belt or waistband, and the other two that you wear on your wrist. These are examples of wearable technology, which is the Next Big Thing, except that no one has done it right yet. I was talking to my […]

Fitness Tracker Review: Fitbit One, Fitbit Flex & Jawbone UP24

Fitness trackers are motivators. While, on the surface, they claim to record data about your activity, the real reason people buy them is to motivate themselves to be more active. None of them are perfectly accurate, and they all have drawbacks. Some have good hardware and mediocre software; some have excellent software and poor hardware. […]