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How Many Words Can You Use in a Google Search Query?


I used to think that Google only looked at the first eight words in a search query. I accidentally sent a longer search to Google today, from LaunchBar, and it told me this: So it’s interesting to know that you can use up to 32 words. That seems like a lot, but if you’re looking […]

Why Safari’s Shared Links Are Useless


Dave Mark’s comments on The Loop about Amazon’s new Twitter-to-shopping-cart feature #AmazonCart and how it’s poorly implemented, in part because of the way Twitter prevents you from posting the exact same tweet twice. In a different vein, I was thinking about Safari’s Shared Links; the links that show up in the sidebar where you can […]

Would You Use a Web Browser with Ads?


As if it weren’t enough to have ads on websites everywhere, the Mozilla Corporation, the company that maintains the Firefox web browser, has announced that it will start selling ads to display in the browser. For now, these ads will show up in “directory tiles,” the nine tiles that display by default when you launch […]

Welcome to Kirkville 3.0


About nine years ago, I moved from a static-page website to a content management system (CMS), and changed from some 90s-era web pages to a more modern blog. At the time, my friend Rob Griffiths recommended Geeklog, which I used for several years, until I switched to WordPress. Today, I’ve made big changes to my […]

What if Twitter Locks Out Third-Party Apps?


A recent announcement from Twitter highlights the fact that the company is seeking to make more money from its service. This is certainly not a surprise; Twitter is widely used, yet there is little advertising, other than sponsored tweets and accounts, and the company needs to monetize its user base. But developers are worrying about […]