The iTunes Guy Looks at Cleaning LP Rips and More

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In my latest Ask the iTunes Guy column for Macworld I look at a question I’ve gotten several times recently: how to clean up LP rips. I tried SoundSoap, which, while not cheap, does a fairly good job of cleaning up pops, clicks and background noise. I also look at two issues with album art on iOS devices: one where it goes missing, and one where it goes sideways.

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  1. bj4wp says:

    Hi Kirk – I tried posting this as a comment under your MacWorld article, but it never appeared.

    Thanks Kirk for your insights about missing album art. What makes this even more challenging is the fact that you can:

    • Select the songs – on the iOS device in iTunes

    • Open the Get Info panel to the Album Art section

    • Copy the album art from the Get Info panel

    • Delete the album art by selecting it & hitting the delete key

    • Close the Get Info panel pressing OK.

    • Then reopen the Get Info panel & paste the exact same art work back into the track

    … and it magically appears. What’s up with that?

    • Kirk McElhearn says:

      I think what happens on iOS devices – and on older iPods – is that the album art is not read directly from files, but stored in a cache or a database, and this gets corrupted. This is similar to the way album art is displayed on computers: iTunes extracts the art from files, then puts it in a cache folder, so it can display it. So, while the art is still in the files that you sync to the iOS device, whatever is storing it gets corrupted, leading to problems in displaying it.

      • bj4wp says:

        I concur … From my experimentation with various devices (iOS & others) this seems to be the way most album art is handled. One has only to use a utility which shows ‘invisible’ files and the secret of how this works becomes clearer. I guess what gets me is, after all these years of developing metadata, why not only Apple, but plenty of other major companies can’t get metadata (particularly album art) right. It doesn’t seem like rocket science …


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