What if Apple Made a Landline Phone?

Have you ever wondered what an Apple landline phone might look like? I did. And I wrote about it for Macworld.

You may disagree with the idea, but I think it would be very useful.

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  1. C. Paul Barreira says:

    What a curious suggestion? I already have a landline telephone. It gives me, inter al., access to the internet, for better of worse. It also works very well as a telephone. With it I can hear some one else pretty much anywhere in the world speak clearly, assuming he or she is also using a landline phone. As against the toys called mobile phones here and cell phones there, all just so smart that conversation is more or less impossible. Ah the wonders of modern technology, friendship and community. Pinnaroo looks better with every day that dawns.

  2. Aaron says:

    Apple would not make a landline phone for the same reason that they did not make a cell phone with push buttons. Apple doesn’t do things because that’s how they are currently done, they do things because they should be done that way.


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