What to Expect from Apple’s Product Announcements Today

With Apple holding a media event later today, to announce a new iPhone, iOS 6, and other products, what can we expect from this event? It seems obvious that the iPhone 5 will be announced today. iOS 6 will certainly be presented in detail, as it will be optimized for the iPhone 5.

But beyond those products, what else can we expect? My guess is that we will see new iPods: a revamped iPod touch, perhaps a new iPod nano, and maybe, finally, the demise of the iPod classic. One thing I think we will finally see is an increase in capacity for the iPod touch, and, perhaps, for the iPhone. It’s about time that we get 128 GB in these portable devices. And if this capacity increases for the iPod touch and the iPhone, it is almost a given that the iPod classic will be retired.

It is also very likely that Apple will present some new iTunes features. It’s not clear that we can expect a radical change to iTunes, but there has been some discussion of a possible streaming music service.

All the rumors that suggest the release of an iPad mini point to a separate media event sometime in October. An iPad mini is a very different device from an iPhone, and an event dedicated to that, and highlighting the iPad’s capabilities, would make a lot of sense.

I don’t think we can expect any new Macs today, at least not in the presentation. But no matter what, any speculation that I or any pundit or analyst can make will certainly only be partly correct.

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  1. Jim says:

    I’m concerned about the new version of iTunes. It’s all well and good to trumpet a new simplicity, but I fear that this is being implemented at the cost of losing existing features.

    Especially worrying for me as an avid collector of classical music is the apparent doing away with the ability to sort one’s library by composer (judging, at least, by the screenshots provided at Apple’s iTunes site).

    • kirk says:

      I wouldn’t jump to conclusions about sorting. They did say that there will still be a list view. We’ll see in a month or so.

      • Jim says:

        It isn’t list view that I’m concerned about. Presently, it’s wonderfully convenient to sort by Composer in what I think is called Grid view.


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