When All Our Audio Equipment Is Wireless, Will Cable Manufacturers Go Out of Business?

In a comment to my article Do Cables Make a Difference to Audio Playback?, one of my readers said, half-jokingly:

What will all the audiophiles do when everything goes wireless? Will they be selling us oxygen-free air for a purer transmission?

He has a point. We’re already streaming music, via AirPlay or Bluetooth, to high-end devices. We’re cutting out the cables from a source to either an amplifier or a playback device. And I haven’t heard anyone complain that it makes a difference.

Could it be that it doesn’t make a difference? Or will audiophiles come up with gadgets to improve audio streaming. Not so much oxygen-free air, but gizmos that sit in our living rooms to somehow improve the waves?

What is interesting is that, inevitably, many cable manufacturers will suffer. I doubt they’ll all go out of business; we’ll still be using cables to connect some devices, though I can imagine a day when we won’t need to. And then, I predict, we’ll see audiophiles arguing that using cables is better than using wireless connections. Because, you know, jitter and the like. Impurities in the air. Vibrations that affect the wireless transmission.

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